Top 12 Free Video Uploading Sites – Upload and Share Videos

If we take an account of daily work, we will get to know that we spend more of our time while watching videos on every mobile phone. The video can be anything like any documentary, movie, news, sports logs, and information video. People are entertained by these kinds of video and many applications enter valid till now which help you to watch the video if you like and also upload them whenever you want.
If you are one kind of person who likes to do so, you are the correct place as in this article I am going to tell you the top 12 video upload in this article which will help you to upload the content you create on the platform. It will create a diverse platform for you and you can download and upload a video on the internet very easily.

1- YouTube

The first application I would like to tell you guys is YouTube which does not require any introduction as we all know that YouTube is one of the best applications for download the video. it is one of the best uploading sites and provides the platform for people to upload the content they make. All you need is an account and start uploading the videos.

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2- Dailymotion

The second most important application after YouTube it is also very knowing what is Dailymotion, it is totally free to subscribe and did not get charged if you want to upload your content on Dailymotion, you can simply download this application in your Android devices and upload the content you want. Also, you can easily watch other kinds of operational videos if you subscribe to daily motion. The length of content you want to upload has a maximum of 60 minutes and of 2GB only it will help you to upload your HD quality videos.

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3- MySpace

The third application is my space which is actually a multi-tasking website where you can also share your blogs, groups, pictures, and videos. It was not very famous when it was created initially but now people are downloading this application as it has gained Fame. It is such a hype nowadays and provides the opportunity to upload unlimited content on your site and you also what you to do you want.

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4- Live Leak

A live leak is more for people who want to upload politics or such kind of news. This website was initially developed in 2006 and it is more based on news and daily politics rather than recreational content. If you have such a taste in news, you can upload your content to the library and start your platform. This application is free to subscribe and also to download. you guys can easily get this application in your Android and IOS devices after downloading. Get it from Apple gallery and Google Play Store so download this app and start uploading your favorite videos.

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5- UStream

Ustream allows you to upload the content you create, not only entertainment but politics, news, blogging, and pictures can also be uploaded on it. It has more than 200 million users and it was developed back in 2006. initially was not very popular but recently has gained popularity as people are coming more to the site of making your content and uploading. It is also free so you can simply go to the website of it, make an account register yourself, and start enjoying the content.

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6- Vimeo

Vimeo application is for the people who love to spend their free time while making entertaining videos. If you are also interested in making entertaining videos, you can simply make them. Download this application in your Android and Apple phones and start uploading all you have to do. You can get its application, register yourself and you are easy to use this application straightaway. you can also share your content for that website. it is to be known that it has two kinds of versions one is paid and the other is free. The paid version gives you additional space for uploading your video while the free video only allows upload of 500MB every week. If you have subscribed to the paid version, you have to pay some additional charges to the site and also it will give you no storage construction and you can upload unlimited content on VIMEO.

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7- Viewster

It is the most used application and has a flexible interface. It is one of the best video uploading platform and you can watch the videos and also create your own videos and upload on this site. You will be allowed to upload any video also watch the video shared by your friends very easily.

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8- AcFun

It is really fun for those people who really want to make the content categorized and entertainment take and make the account and start uploading their content. It is more for the people who like to make funny content and users get happier while they upload the content. You can get it for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store in your apple and Android devices.

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9- Vine

This application is a very famous platform and supports different kinds of categories already listed above. it enables you to upload any content in more than 30 languages all you need to do us make the account and start enjoying uploading of reduced and unlimited content.

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10- TinyPic

This application cannot only help you to upload the videos but also help you to watch the video shared by the people. it is very easy to use that and search the content you want.

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11- Netflix

This application is so famous and needs no introduction as we all have heard about this application and you can simply make your content on Netflix and upload whatever you want or not. also, it has given its uses a membership of 30 days for free after that you have to pay some amount and subscribe to enjoy the content.

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12- Yahoo Screen

The last application is your Yahoo screen and is one of the most famous applications which hundreds of users use from around the globe. You can upload any content and share it with your friends and family.

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