Top 10 Song Identifier Apps Download for Android and IOS

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Top 10 Song Identifier Apps for Android and IOS: Find What Song is this?

Are you a song lover? Are you fond of listening to songs by different Singers and not able to remember the song you heard once during an event? You are definitely at the correct place as this article is all about the top 10 applications which will find out the best songs identified for Android and IOS devices. We are always found of songs and we love to hear music but sometimes when we hear a particular song at a particular place which we did not remember what exactly that song is about and what do these lines mean and when we return to home or when that internet facility is the facility we try to start music but we forget the lyrics.

Hence, the internet has sensed this problem faced by many users and it has helped them in terms of providing them some opportunity so that they are able to find out the correct songs they love to hear. These applications have helped people to identify and to diagnose what song love by typing a single line of that song which they remember. Well, I am going to tell you about all the applications which are present and allowed for IOS and Android users which help them to identify the song they listened to somewhere.

Top 10 best song identifier apps for Android and IOS: find what song is this? Below I have given 10 lines which will help you identify the best song you had heard once or twice and for your knowledge, these applications are available for both Android and IOS devices and both the users can use these applications.

Song Identifier Apps for Android and IOS Users

1- Shazam

Shazam is one of the topmost music Android applications and helps you to identify the music of your choice if you remember only a single line of that music. The best part of it is that you can avail the option of offline song listening that does not require the internet and you can even use and hear the songs of your own choice while you are offline. there is two model variant available with are free and paid and you can avail any of the versions you like. The only difference between free and paid versions is that the paid version is having some more features as compared to the free version.

2- Spot search

This application allows you to type the lyrics which you like. Only lyrics typing will help you to search for all the suggestions which you have about the songs and you can hear them. It is linked to it on devices and helps you to find all the songs of your own choice. This application is developed for both Android and IOS developers and both of them can use it for free in their phone devices.


Hound is not just considered as one of the musical application but it is a complete multitasking device which helps you to perform different functions. All you have to do is say the word ‘ok hound’ and It will play what you want to hear from that. It will automatically search all you want to know about a particular song. It is the complete multitasking device and also helps you to find out other kinds of images or workload of that kind. You can consider hound as your personal assistant who helps you to carry out the work of yours without having to pay for it.

4- MusicID

This application help to find out the music used it is one of the best music searching the application and helps you to find out the song of your own choice. It is a multitasking application and helps the music to find out words you like.

5- C1

C1 helps you find a song and tells you to listen to the song you want to. Catch it is one of the smartphone application which is available for both Android and IOS users. it helps you catch all the songs which you are listening and you can get it for free or paid as well.

6- Music Identifier

It has a completely separate entity and helps you to identify different kinds of music. Music identifier, as the name indicates, identifies all the music you have heard once or twice. it can help you to search for the music which you like if you type only one line of that song and it will open up a similar type of Music in front of you. So you can choose the type of music you want to hear.

7- Sound Hound

There more than 500 uses of this particular application and users are increasing every day. It helps you to find out the music of your own choice and also find out all about The Artist and album you want to search for. It will give you a piece of complete information about the album and artist.

8- Bird Song ID

Are you about love and do you like to keep Birds as pets as you love them? Well, you are in the right place as you can find out all the bird song id here. you all have to do is type the word you want and the referred link will be available for you in a few seconds. There will be a regular voice of bird if you type that particular word it is available for both Android and IOS.

9- Musixmatch

This application is one of the applications developed for Android and IOS users and helps people to musiXmatch lyrics. You can type the song in the search path and it will give you your required result.



last but not least application is Beats music and this application is available for Android and IOS users and both of them can have it in their Smartphones and enjoy the best Experience it provides them regarding the music.

If you are fond of music and you are searching for some song identifier applications you are correct at the correct place as this article tells you all about the music you want to hear. Download these applications of your own choice and enjoy the best music for your sad periods in Android and IOS devices.

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