Top 10 Best Riding Apps for Android and iOS to Improve Your Ride

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As technology is advancing everything has improved. Technology has improved itself in every term of life and every field is improving with every passing day. Most of us are using mobile phone applications for doing literally everything in our lives from cooking eating to every single difficult or easy task. It is available on the internet and you can literally use those applications and guidelines to solve your difficulties. There is good news for people who are more into their health and want to track the number of calories they burnt per day. There are a variety of applications that are available for calculating your ride status and which will improve your riding experience whenever your bicycle.

You always want to know how much distance you have covered and how much time and what was the speed when you covered that distance. This was not possible initially but with the advancement of technology and the development of new applications, it is now possible. You can simply download the applications which are given below and you can track your rides. Not only bicycle rides, but other rides of horses or even any other traveling material can be tracked. Keep reading this article to get to know best about how these applications will help you to improve your ride. Also, there is good news that these applications are available for both Apple phone holders and Android phone holders and both of them can enjoy the facility on their mobile phones.

Best Riding Apps to Improve Your Ride for Android and IOS Smart Phones

Map My Ride

The first and foremost riding application to improve your ride maps my ride. This application has more than 500 categories available and it helps you to track your rides according to your choice. It helps you to record any activity of yours which includes riding or walking or even running. All you have to do is turn it on and select the option you want to do in the settings section and you are good to use this application. This will count all the distance traveled for a particular ride, the time taken for that ride, and the speed you were at when you covered that particular distance. This has helped many people around the globe and if you are an Android or Apple phone holder you can also enjoy its feature after downloading it.

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Ride with GPS

The second application for calculating your ride is a ride with GPS. You can calculate the distance and time covered after the activation of this application inside your mobile phones. There is the availability of a navigation feature and you can navigate your rides according to your choice. you can select the from and to distance and it will help you to know that what was the time taken to cover that distance and what was the direction and speed while you were riding. the duration will also be given in terms of minutes. The distance covered can be told in terms of kilometers and meters depending upon which unit you have enabled.

   Download from PlayStore     Download from iTunes

TransLoc Rider

Application is there for Android phone holders and also Apple phone holders. both are the users can enjoy riding while they download this application and enjoy the features it has. The selected category is available and you can select the type of ride you want to while you use this. You can even calculate the running or walking direction when using this particular application.

   Download from PlayStore     Download from iTunes

Bike Computer

This application has been available for all bicyclists available around the globe. It has a community of more than 100000 bicycles and they have registered themselves in their application. They can check where they are traveling to and what is the time taken and distance covered while they track their ride. they are able to share the distance and time with the friends and family after their complete their ride as it has this feature available as well.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

Google Maps

Google Map is an application that you have to download from the Apple Play Store or Google Play Store from your Apple phone’s Android devices. Whenever you download it you can know the destination as it is there for you. the destination of your choice can be added and it tells you how much time will it take to reach your destination. It will even show you the navigation and you can follow it and reach the correct destination at the correct time.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes


Application track you running basically. it can also track your cycling for horse riding or what so ever and all you have to do is download this application which is available for iOS users and also Android phone holders and enjoy the best of it that has Inside it for its uses.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes


Some people are enthusiastic enough to record their rides. This can be done by downloading beat on the Android phone. They also want to calculate all that they want to in terms of traveling. This application has allowed many people around the globe to track the distance and also the speed.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes


Stravaigs one of the commonest application which is used by both Android and IOS users as it tracks The riding of the bicycle, horse riding, walking, running, and also swimming. It is an application that is used by many people around the globe.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes


As the name indicates, you can easily record your rides many people want to take a record of the proper recording of the distance covered, time is taken, and speed while you travel that distance. They can easily use it now as this application has availability of all the features they Desire.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

MTB Project

MTB project is available for Google and IOS devices and they can track the ride by downloading This application inside their smartphones. It will not only tell them about the distance covered while taking a particular ride but also will tell them about the time taken on the ride while they are on that ride.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

If you are interested enough to record your distance, you are at the correct place. Give it a read and download any application as you desire to enjoy your riding experience.

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