Top 10 Best Monopoly Apps for Android and IOS

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Top 10 Best Monopoly Apps for Android and IOS

Gone are the days when people used to play different kinds of games on the boards in real-time. It was a time that Monopoly was present in every house and that board was filled with different houses and people were laughing, shouting, and playing that game. Monopoly games are enjoyed by every person and they love playing the game. If you too are a Monopoly lover, then you are definitely at the correct place as this site tells you about all the applications available. Long ago there were beautiful days of our childhood when Monopoly was present in every home and was the need for every young person are the children.

We used to cry for buying and playing this in our homes. Now, as the internet has taken over, various mobile phone applications of Monopoly games are developed and users are loving these applications. it provides you with every feature but you as a user will help you to play your favorite childhood game on Android and IOS devices. Keep reading this article till the end if you want to know all the details about the best Monopoly applications available on Google Play Store and IOS devices.

Top 10 Best Monopoly Apps for Android and IOS

Best Monopoly Games for You

1. Monopoly BINGO

the first-ever application trending over the internet which is also the topmost Monopoly game application is Monopoly Bingo. It is totally a free application so you can enjoy the game experience without the expenditure of a single coin. There is also a paid version for this particular application for people who want to upgrade this application. you are able to build houses of your own choice and not the only house of your own choice, but you can also collect money and spend on buying different houses. This application is available for Google and Apple store you can get it from there.


the second-best kind of application available for playing Monopoly is Monopoly slots this is one of the most famous Android and IOS application which people have been using for ages to fulfill their charm of the childhood games. It allows you to Boost Your game at the expense of a very few tokens and if you are lucky enough, you can become Millionaire while you play this game. It provides you amazing opportunity to become a real-time champion and you can win this game while you play it with different players.

3. Europoly

europoly is an application that allows you to play it with 4 players. You can even play at it on an internet connection and also you can Play It while you are offline when you don’t have internet access. With the presence of artificial intelligence inside and you can become Millionaire while you play this application game. The good news is that it is totally free to download for the users and also available for both IOS and Android phone holders.

4. MONOPOLY Cards by Shuffle

you know that Monopoly is the game of cards that are played on Boards that help you to earn different kinds of money and win a huge amount of property. This application was developed by some real management and it is totally free game and you do not have to use a single penny to get this is inside your Android or iOS devices. For people who do not know how to play this Monopoly game, this is definitely for them as the beginners can also know how to play. it also has an option for letting people know how to play this game who is a new one on this application.

5. LandLord

As the name indicates this game allows you to become a landlord by allowing you to earn some extra cash. You can easily trade, buy, and sell different kinds of houses and different kinds of properties inside the Monopoly game. This application helps you to play smoothly without hanging off your phone. it is available for both Android and IOS smartphone holders.

6. Shop, Play, Win

to the kids, that this application allows you to shop, play and win the game. There is a free download available for it and both IOS and Android devices can have them inside it. You can win Lot of amazing prizes by playing this game

7. Crazy Poly

this application is a real-time board game and allows you a large number of features which are the real on board game provides you. You are able to bankrupt different kinds of opponents of yours and you can even connect to your friends and Rob different kinds of banks. You can build properties from the cash you earn and even play in the casinos while you download the application.

8. Monopoly Junior

is such a user-friendly application that helps you to build your business. you can earn a lot of cash when you play Monopoly and it is such an amazing application that is available for both IOS and Android phone holders. you are able to win more awards than the sample other Monopoly playing games

9. Arctopia

this application has a flexible user interface and this is the best Android application up till now. The customers can even build their profile according to their own choice and they can fix their images over it. You can visit different kinds of coffee shops and make your business while running a coffee shop and it allows you to earn much cash which helps you ultimately to buy different properties.

10. Board Kings

the last but definitely not the least monopoly application is board games which help you to personalize your images as well as your gaming. You can even post this game score to other people on social media applications and which you can share with your friends. The full version is available for both Android and IOS users and also without the expenditure of a single penny.

These are the 10 best Monopoly games for IOS and Android phone holders and if you are a Monopoly lover, these applications are definitely for you and you are at the right place for your fun. Download these Android phone applications for Monopoly games inside your phones so that you can enjoy the nostalgic field of your childhood when you play this game.

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