Smartcric APK Live Score Update Download for Android

Who does not like cricket? Definitely all of us like to play cricket. also, we all are fond of watching cricket matches every now and then and listening to the commentary and staying up to date with what the cricket has brought forward. Are you too one who has a busy schedule and cannot set in front of the TV and watch the match? then you are on the correct side as in this article I am going to tell you about an amazing application which you can download in your smartphones and enjoy a Cricket match whenever you want despite the fact where you are.

You can easily watch the match and also the commentary while you watch the cricket match by using this application what is called smartcric application. the world couple is coming soon and it is one kind of outstanding application which no user wants to Skip we all want to know that who won the World Cup and whatever team scores. It is a kind of a flexible application that takes a very low amount of memory in your phone and you can listen to it and enjoy the things that it has brought forward for users. You can access to everything and enjoy the cricket commentary as well.

It is no more a problem that way you are as you can get access to the cricket by it and get access to the world no matter where you are.

Download Smartcric APK

It does not matter if you are a smartphone user or Android phone user, if you have a smartphone you can simply get this application in the device. It is one kind of HD streaming of different matches and all that for free. You do not have to spend a single penny to subscribe to this application as it is totally free to download and available on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Now both the users can download the link. To download, the link is given at our site click on the link and start streaming the world cup.

Version Info

Name Smartcric APK
Version v3.0
Developer Mohammad Isteyaque Ahmad
Category Free Sports App
App Package com.wSmartcrick_6934934
Last updated April 20, 2018
Requirements Android 4.2+ or Up
Size 2.18 MB

Smartcric Live Score and other Services

You can get to watch a cricket match by simply downloading that app. There are official applications that require some amount of money you have to pay to the developers to enjoy those applications in your smartphones but when you download smartcric live scoreboard you are able to access the streaming of cricket without having to pay a single coin. All the information about the cricket match including live score, live commentary of the cricket, all the schedules of matches pre-match statistics, post-match statistics, all the highlights of the match expert opinion about how well did the match go, all the points in Mega-events like the world cup enjoy, the live stream can be enjoyed and that in HD quality, the high, low or medium quality which all depends upon the Wi-Fi connection. you can watch a cricket match with it and all that on your phone.

Also to let you know that this application is not accessible in a certain area or location it is working throughout the globe very smoothly. You can simply that this application in your devices by downloading that. Further, you can customize settings according to your choice and set the priority. You can turn on the notifications and also get updates about everything that happens during the match. You can search all the matches on your screen of the phone no matter where you are.

key Features

Live Updates through Notification
you can always get updated no matter where you are by sampling turning on the live updates of notification in your devices. You can even guess the ball by ball run score and also the live commentary and you will feel that if you are in the stadium.

Live Scoreboard

the scoreboard can be assessed and you cannot miss a single update. you can get to know every wicket which takes and every the person who comes after the previous person is out

Live Streaming

enjoy the commentary live streaming. The quality of the streaming can be medium or it can be also seen in HD quality which depends on How good your internet connection is.

Live Commentary

live commentary is also available and you can watch the commentary while you are watching the cricket match on your smartphones.

Upcoming Updates

you can get to know about all the upcoming matches when you access to this application and make an account. You will get updated by all that is happening in the field of cricket no matter if you are a busy person.

Points Table

the points table which shows the points of every team are available and that in a certain order

Cricket News

you can hear cricket news and watch all the important information regarding the cricket that which team wins the match easily

Requirements to download Smartcric APK
  • Android 4.0 or above
  • the system will not work if you have Android 4, understand that before downloading
  • you have to go to the settings of your phone from there enter the privacy options and click on download from unknown sources
  • enable downloading from unknown sources so as to download it from a trusted website. If you do not perform this step you will not be able to install it in your devices


Concluding my article I would say that it is one kind of an amazing application that every cricket fan should have in their smartphones. You all if you are a cricket fan so you sure will not like to miss any news commentary, broadcast or update from the cricket world. You all see the cricket match live from your phone despite the busy schedule that you have and that with this application.
This app is definitely for you so download this application in your smartphone to enjoy the cricket of your favorite teams right away.

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