Pyone Play APK Latest Version for Android

Who does not like to see TV? definitely all of us like to enjoy TV and see our favorite programs. Sometimes people are so busy in their life that did not get time to watch the favorite shows but if you are a person who has a hectic routine, you are the correct side as this application whose name is pyone play provides everyone an opportunity to enjoy the favorite TV shows if you miss them.

Pyone Play APK Latest Version for Android

It is one of the top screaming applications in Myanmar and has more than 5 million downloads from all around the globe. This application is developed by some element of our world and is developed by the biggest media channel in the world which is channel 7 and MITV4

Download Pyone Play APK


you can download the Pyone Play APK in your devices by simply clicking on the link given at our side. We have given you the facility of the link here and you can get this application in your devices in a single click. You will not have to follow those long steps and pass from other idols to get it in your devices. You can easily enjoy it in your devices by simply downloading at from our side.

Name Pyone Play APK
Last updated Jul 18, 2019
Version v2.0.5
Size 13M
Developer Forever Group Co.,Ltd
Installs 1,000,000+

About Pyone Play

It is more of a site where you can enjoy online movies and series. this is for people who cannot afford the subscription fee for other websites like Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Netflix. When you download these applications, you have to pay some amount of money to the subscribers and then you can subscribe to this channel and get their content but when you download the version Pyone Play APK you can get access to all the content which is available on Netflix and it can be viewed without having to pay a single amount of money for subsubscribing. Yes, you heard it right that you can enjoy all the content available without having to pay a single penny.

Pyone Play live streams three channels specifically: 
there are three channels which are specific to this game who won us you can also enjoy the live streaming of football and it has been declared as one of the best channels. You can enjoy the latest number of TV shows like

  1. The money drop
  3. MaharBawDi
  4. MasterChefMyanmar
  5. X factor and many more


There are some shortcomings in this application. It does not have a huge list and shortcomings. On the one hand, it has a huge amount of advantages and bring forward for its users. Only feature which lacks in this application is downloading feature. You can not download the favorite episodes of yours. It is available for different applications but in this application this feature is not available right now. It will soon be launched in the latest version but it is not available up till now.


  1. There is a huge list of features which you can enjoy present download in this amazing application in new devices
  2. You can access various TV channels from Myanmar free of cost and you don’t have to pay a single penny
  3. You can have access to constant updates from the site
  4. There is an integrated control of playback into the image
  5. You can enjoy favorite your list of your choice
  6. You can explore everything by being generous

Pyone Play App permissions

1. Network:

The network will allow the network socket. this will assess the information regarding your Android device and its version. This application will allow you to assess all the information about Wi-Fi devices as well.

2. Storage:
permit to read the device storage which has both the external and internal device storage.

3. Task:
the task address that you should cloud application ability to change the order of the tasks which is Z-order

4. Location:
location can be assessed from this application. You will also be assessed to an approximate location by using this application

5. Performance:
all the things in your devices which will assess to the performance of your phone will be assessed by the app and this includes your battery percentage, phone manager, vehicles and power

6. Access:
it will have access to your network information for a network, call log, and other features that affect your phone performance. All the basic information will be collected by this application

7. Apps:
There will be an app icon to show another application that is available on your devices. It is the same as other applications once the process is completed.

Download and Install Pyone Play on Android

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources Option
first of all, enable download from unknown sources. Before you do it, you should make sure that you have enough phone storage

Step 2: Download Pyone Play 
After you make all the necessary permissions you should click on the download and link to download the app

Step 3: Install Pyone Play APK on Phone
install this amazing application in your devices once you download it

STEP 4: Open the App
open the application once it is installed in your devices

STEP 5: Use the App
Run the application, open it And enjoy

Pyone Play APK Pros and Cons

  • Pros   
  1. the file is secure
  2. it is user friendly
  3. you can enjoy free of cost features
  4. the modifications are really simple but have amazing features
  5. it can be used in your devices by accessing any of the video player
  • Cons
  1. best and attractive application
  2. there are limited channels to which you can assess
  3. there is no downloading option


if you are looking for an amazing application to watch your favorite movies in that without having to a single penny, then you are at the correct side. It will let you watch all your favorite content by simply downloading this application. It is one of the most appropriate application which you can get in your devices and You should know that it is free. simply download it in your gadgets and start unlimited streaming for your phone to watch your favorite shows.

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