Hill Climbing Racing Mod Apk 1.46.6 latest for Android

Hill Climbing Racing Mod Apk Are you the person who loves to Enjoy long drives, and you love different cars and racing games? Well, this game is definitely for you. This game provides you with a long track from where you can drive and enjoy an unending racing. You have to drive in the hill non-stop to enjoy the game and collect the gems and coins on the way of driving.

Hill Climbing Racing Mod Apk

The game is really amazing and is developed by finger soft, which is really an amazing organization. Both the users of Android and IOS can get this amazing application on the devices. Android phone users have good news for them that they can get it from the APK Mod version in spite of getting it from Google Play Store as the mode has some more features which they can enjoy in their devices.

Download Hill Climbing Racing Mod Apk

you can download the Hill Climbing Racing Mod Apk new devices and start enjoying the amazing experience this game will provide you. You can enjoy unlimited racetrack hills, mountains, and other eye-catching nature scenes. You will definitely love it, so download it in your devices and start enjoying the divine experience.

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Version Info

Name Hill climbing racing APK
Last updated MAY 23, 2020
Version 4.2+
Genre Arcade, Games without cache, MOD
Developer Finger soft
Size of app 65 MB


This game is a very amazing game with an amazing track for you to drive. You have to keep care of one thing that you should not fall from the hilltops. The character name in this game is the Newton bill, and he is the person who drives from Ragnarok to a nuclear plant.

This game is really an amazing game with a fabulous theme. He has to ride over the hills to get to the coins and gems. it is a very exciting game to play, and you should move as a father as you can to collect all the gems and coins.

Get Unlimited Fuel, Gas, Vehicles, Gems, and Coins

There is an amazing opportunity for you people that you can get unlimited resources of vehicles, gems, coins, and fuel and you will never get short of coins when you play the game.

Many people think that this game is developed by third-party designers and is unsafe for your devices but let me tell you that is a game is totally safe, and it will not harm your devices.


The graphics of the game are 3D. You can easily and delightfully co-ordinate with the game. There are more than 20 kinds of different vehicles in which you have a design for driving on Hills, and you can select the vehicle of your choice to drive all the things like Shades, audios and other single details in a game perfect and make it worth playing.


controls are really simple, and you can easily deal with them.

  • Tap on the right side too to turn the gas on
  • Tap on the left side to apply brakes
  • Tap on the screen to increase the speed
  • Tap on the two lines on the upper right corner to delay the game

Vehicles, dangerous tracks, and exciting levels in the game

A variety of vehicles in the game like Jeep, bus, truck, car, a bicycle is present. it offers you more than 30 vehicles which you can enjoy riding on



There are different vehicles in the game like Jeep, bus, truck, bicycle and many other vehicles with you can enjoy driving. Each of them has its own unique properties and specifically designed to work on the hills. They have affected up and does not let the vehicle to fall off the track.

Upgradable parts

There are upgradable parts of the game which include tires, Suspension, and engine. These parts can be upgraded while you win the gems.

Different settings

There are different settings in the game like you can play the countryside, in the desert, Arctic, and even the moon. Each stage brings you some Amazing location to play.


You can take the screenshot of how well you are playing the game and send it to your friend you can even share a school board by taking a screenshot and send to your friends.


Graphics are really Satisfying. there are simple physics and mechanics in the game which make people engage themselves in the game.


The design of the game is perfect. You can play in different resolutions that depend upon the quality of your phone it gives you the high resolution and also low resolution, and you can play in India solution you want.


Audio fix tremendous with or without a subscription. The effects are amazing.


It has compatibility with Android 4.1 and higher.


Rooting for it is not required usually.

Unlimited resources

The availability of unlimited resources.

Different levels

This game offers you different levels to play. There are more than 28 levels which you can enjoy.

Garage mode

There is a separate garage mod in the game which you can enjoy to customize your vehicles.

Daily challenges

The daily challenges are there, which brings you to your adventure, and you should complete it.


Concluding my article, I would say that this game is really easy to play, but it is more of a mind game where you have to devise and plan some kind of tactics to win the game.

There is an endless track available for you guys, and you have to drive on the right track to win the game on the path. You have to collect various amounts of coins and gems available, and you should collect it for yourself. This depends upon you whether it is easy for you to kill time or not. You should download it on your devices to kill your boring time, and I am sure that you will love this game.

Download it today to start enjoying the tremendous experience.

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