Hill Climb Racing MOD APK 1.46.6 Download Latest Version (Unlimited money)

Hill Climb Racing MOD APK As the name indicates this game is all about Hill Climbing. If you are a lover of cars you will definitely like this game. This game all you have to do us enjoy on ending running on a hill you have to keep driving till the end and collect the bonus points in between.

Hill Climb Racing MOD APK

There is a pattern given on which you have to drive your car. It is developed by a finger soft organization. The game is available for both Android and IOS users. It is more like a game of Subway Surfers and a flappy bird but it is under game and you have to keep running the car as much as possible.

If you want to get this in your devices the Android phone users have good news that they can get this version from Hill Climb Racing Mod APK from our site by the link given and get it with a lot of Amazing features as compared to the Google Play Store.

Download Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

If you are a person you like Subway Surfers then you will definitely love this game as this game is all about Hill Climbing. You will have to find out the end of the track and till then you have to keep driving to enjoy this game. You can download it right now on your devices.

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Version Info

Name Hill climbing racing
Size 74 MB
Version 1.46.6
Developer Finger soft
Android version 4.1 and up
Genre 2D, Offline, Racing
Mod Feature Unlimited Money
Platforms Android 4.2, ios 8.0


The gameplay is really amazing. The key factor in this game is controlling the speed of the car. You have to drive on the track and even the top of the hill but you need to be very cautious while driving that you should not fall off the hill. The character’s name in the game is the Newton bill.

He is the person who will drive the ride and he has to cross from various hurdles which will be in the path while he drives on the hills. He has to gather as many coins as he can. It is more like Subway Surfers as there you have To gather as many coins as you want.
There is no limitation to your drive and you can enjoy the game.

  • Get Unlimited Fuel, Gas, Vehicles, Gems, and Coins

This game will let you enjoy unlimited gems and coins. You will have to drive and collect enough gems to unlock other levels as well. The area is totally unsafe but you have to continue driving without falling off the hell also it will not harm your device when you download it.

  • In contrast to its official adaptation, Hill Climb Racing Mod APK for Android has uncountable:

• Coins
• Gems
• Gas
• Vehicles
• Fuel

If you are worried that you will get shot of gas then you should not worry as you can unlock many levels by simply collecting the gems. This is such a game that you will laugh playing.


The graphics of the game are really amazing. The 3D graphics and amazing idea of the game make it a delightful experience to play.
If you want to play it you will be soon adapted to the game as the sound, visual structure, shading and even the single detail of it is really delightful and it makes you enjoy it as the best racing game ever.


• you can click on the left side for the brakes
• Click on the right side for the gas
• Tap on the screen to increase the speed of the car
• Click on two lines given on the upper right corner to delay the game


The interface is really amazing and simple. You can even see how far you have been driving and how much coins and gems you collect. The rest of the game is really simple. There are dangerous tracks and a variety of vehicles which you can customize. Simply ask to collect and upgrade yourself in the levels.

  • Hill climbing racing mod APK offers more than 30 vehicles to drive in, these include

• Trucks
• Quad bicycles
• Cars
• Motorbikes
• Jeep
• Hippie van
• Ambulance
• Tourist bus
• One wheeler
• Police car
• Racecar
• Super off-road
• Snowmobile
• SUVs and more


  • Vehicles

The vehicles are there and you can choose the best vehicle of your choice. You can enjoy trucks, bikes, and jeeps.

  • Different Settings

The setting is different and captivating and you will find out mountains and hills on your way.

  • Screenshot

Take a screenshot of your game and share it on your Facebook.

  • Graphics

Graphics are intense and engaging

  • Designing

Design in the game is really delightful you can play in every resolution you want and it totally depends upon your choice that which resolution you choose for yourself.

  • Audio

Audio is really great is compatible with low Android devices as well. There is great audio of the game which gives a pleasing effect to the ears.

  • Rooting

The rooting effect is not required in the game.

  • Unlimited Resources

you can enjoy unlimited resources like gems, fuel, and energy.

  • Different Levels

There are more than 28 levels for you complete.

  • Garage Mode

This small help you to enjoy the customization of your vehicles and you can do it once you convert to this mod.

  • Daily Challenges

There are a variety of daily challenges which bring out new kinds of adventures every single day which you can enjoy.


Concluding my Article I would say that Hill Climb Racing mod is really in easy to play a game but you need some skeleton strategy to win the game. This game is very suitable for people of every age whenever they are free and it will fill their boredom.

You can download it right now on your devices and start enjoying it. if you have already played Subway Surfers then you will love this game even more as it is more of that came with an unlimited racing track.

So download The Amazing application in your devices right now and leave a comment in the comment section below that how much you like this game.

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