Fap CEO APK v0.981 (MOD, Money Hack)Download for Android

Finding true love has become really difficult nowadays. People are so busy in making their business that they find it so difficult to build a family. They are busy scanning their careers and their professions but in the long process, they fail to make their relationships. It is a problem of the unity of a person these days.


People have to build a career as before they find the better half men individuals. They have high ranks in society but they are not able to find the better half for themselves. The various game developers have said this problem of the people of our age and they had a game with people who can play and enjoy those things which they are not able to do in real life. It has never allowed them to fulfil what they want in terms of the perfect better half. Fap CEO APK is a modern game, overall the stylish feature. It is more for the ambitious man of our society. This game has enabled them to build a career, become a billionaire,uuu00z, and then find the perfect half for themselves.

If you are a person who has the same interest and is not able to find the love of your life, stop getting over getting worried about that as you can play the game in your Android devices and satisfy your needs from the escape.

Download Fap CEO APK

Are you a busy person who is tired of a tough schedule and not have enough time and energy to invest to find true love for? well, then this game is definitely for you as it will fulfil all your dreams and what you require in terms of your life partner. This can fulfil all your desires without you have to face any hardship for finding it.

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Version Info

Name Fap CEO APK
Last updated June 29, 2020
Version 0.981
Size 102 MB
Developer Nutaku
Category Simulation
Available Google Play


The gameplay of the game is really amazing as it has really a simple game and suggests an easy game that does not require any perfect skills to enjoy. It is the game that each and every person of the current time can enjoy but makes sure that is best for males only as the game involves all the females in it.

They can play in a single-player modern also multiplayer Mod. This game gives them a chance to become a successful business tycoon and improve their love life as well. This will satisfy all the needs of a present age lonely people of these days. It is more kind of editing application that allows you to build your Empire, become a business tycoon and then enjoy your perfect life but you need to be aware of this activity and keep engaging yourself to find a perfect date for yourself.

Also, you have to do various things to the gained interest in your date like you have to tell some stories and enjoy your story with her. There is a different task which you have to do in the game which is given below

• You have to set up offices to build different companies
• you can date the girls to enjoy as much as you want
• you should make out the various hangout
• plants and decorate your room with a variety of different items
• some of the girls will have to clean their office, attend meetings to the city people, management other things and various are the duties to perform
• you can open up to more than a single date
• you should make hangout plans regularly
• you will have to message your date on a constant basis
• you will build different companies and office for yourself to increase your business Empire

Fap CEO Mod APK Version

This game is an official Mod that you can download in your devices. It allows you to get unlimited money and all that for free.
It offers you to enjoy shopping with your date and you can continue to shop with her. There is an active function in it and you cannot get banned when you use the Mod version. There are a variety of modes that are available but you can get yourself a date by the official sides while using that but if you download this Mod you will be saved from banning from the official site of WhatsApp.

Download The Amazing application your phone right now start enjoying the divine features this game has in it for you guys.

Fap CEO APK Features

you have your Prestige feature of CEO
you will have to manage up to 20 enjoyable business
increase your CEO income and automate your workflow
you should get cash even when you are not online

Fap CEO APK Pros

• there are well-written scenes
• you can chat with your employees
• more than 15 hot guys available
• different features are added regularly
• there are more than a hundred scenes for you to unlock
• it is totally free

Fap CEO APK Cons

• the gameplay is repetitive
• there are basics in the game
• you do not have much in terms of challenge
• there is a difficult game with premium currency

Installation Guide for Fap CEO APK

First of all, download it from a trusted site by making particular app permissions then install it in your phone.
install the APK file, open the icon of that, and start to run the game. Let it Run for a while and now you are done. You can start playing it on your devices.

Last Thoughts

It is a magical game that makes you love more and more when you play it. it also has some terrible features which you will enjoy when you play this game as this has a really engaging plot and unique gameplay.

The graphics are 3D and you will love whatever scheme it has to offer you. If you are also an ambitious man who does not have time to make the best of his love life, then you are on the correct side.

You can simply get the amazing application in your devices and start enjoying the dreaming life in real.

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