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ES File Explorer APK Nowadays it is very crucial to organize the data as if you will not do the process, all the data will become mingled and it will be very difficult to find a particular file from the bundle of data available in our mobile devices. Our mobile phone acts as a computer, phone, camera, data storage, MP3 player, video player and what not?

Now we do everything on our mobile devices as it has become the center of attention for us and all the people around the globe. As we save every part of our data on our mobile phones there should be a managing application that manages the data effectively and is simple to use on the same hand.

ES File Explorer is one of the data organizing application which is available for mobile phone users. The organization of various files present in our phone is necessary as if we will not organize it will become really hard to find the file which we want at a particular time. The developer of ES File Explorer APK is ES global as on Google Play Store. The applications owner is Du global and that as a further subdivision of the Do Global.

The application has gained fame and is one of the most prominent applications available for Android gadgets. Initially, the number of users for this application was hardly a few and now it has reached thousands of users from all around the world.

It is an incredible application for managing projects and files and has a large number of highlights like you can run your application, you can get access to direct storage from the Google Drive, you can utilize everything on your cell phone and personal computer by simply getting this amazing application in your gadgets.

When once you download it, it will make your life so easy that you will not find it difficult to find any important data from the bundle of documents on your phone.

Download ES File Explorer APK

You can download ES File Explorer from the link given at our side. Get it right now in your devices and start to organize your data and in the real-time manager.
You can click on the link and get this wonderful application in your gadgets which will manage your data.


Version Info

Name ES File Explorer APK
Last updated JUNE 28, 2020
Size 20.1 MB
License Free
Language English
Target Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)

About the App

There are various programs available on the devices and they allow you to assess anything on your mobile Gadgets and share with your friends as well. The variety of applications have been installed up till now but did not compete ES File Explorer as it gives you the data storage as well.

You can watch your favorite movies and photos on your phone also manage the 3G and 4G connection with using ES file explorer in your mobile phones. Whenever your working with your files you have a perfect option that you can get that data on your personal computers.
You can edit the documents available in your mobile phones like you can rename the documents, cut, copy, paste, erase and create various files in your PC. You can send the files to any person in your contact list by email or WhatsApp as well.

There is an option to manage the size of files as heavy files really put a bad impact on our phone and battery and you can compress your files in RAR files or ZIP files. You can assess the data on your personal computer and mobile devices simply by connecting to Wi-Fi connection only.

It is one of the best tools available for Android phone users and you can place a large number of data options available every second of the day.

It is such a handy device that lets us do get any data in a matter of a few seconds.


1. File director and Space Analyzer

There is an option to add, delete, and manage the data present in your mobile gadgets. This application gives you access to different files on your Android gadgets like videos, music reports, and pictures. You can find out space in your gadget and also clear the cached data on your phone.

It provides an option to remove or backup data in your account and increase the smartphone’s capacity and storage. The application has amazing highlights and is handy for people who have large data for storing in their gadgets.

2. Application Manager

The application manager is inbuilt and it allows you to appropriately manage the excess of various files in your smartphones. If the file size is exceeded too much it will erase that and compacted automatically and you can also clear the garbage from your phone.

3. Download Manager

There is a Download Manager present in your phones and you can keep the data in your devices straightaway. You can discontinue or connect to that again whenever you want. The downloading can be delayed as you desire.

4. Music Player

It allows you to play all the music files in your gadgets after analyzing them. You can organize your files and place them at a single spot and get access to your music whenever you want. The ES File Explorer lets you play your favorite music without using a lot of memory of yours.


There are tons of file explorers available for Android users up till now but ES File Explorer has been the top of all of them. It provides you with a flexible user interface and allows you to manage the data and music player and also compact the size of your files in the gadgets.

You can access to the storage of Google and many other cloud services. Download the ES file explorer in your device’s right now and start managing your files straight away.

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